Submersible Tealites

Tealites that can go under water? Enchant your guests with these waterproof tealites! Simply place in a vase, fountain, cooler, beverage dispenser etc. These LED lights are fun, safe and a perfect alternative to an open flame. Batteries are included and are replacable – $2.99 each

Reallite Candles

Available in ivory, deep red,  pretty lime green, turquoise, pure white, chocolate brown and taupe/grey!

Reallite candles from Abbott, are battery-operated, genuine wax candles. Battery candles have been on the market for a few years, but trust me, these are different – you have to see them with your own eyes! The patented ‘real flame’ looks just like a real lit candle.In addition to the on/off switch, each candle features a ‘Smart Timer’ – once set the candle will automatically turn on for 5 hours and then turn itself off for 19 hours. Set the candle timer once and never turn it on or off again.

Available in 3″  diameter, 5″, 7″ & 9″ height – $39.99 – $49.99

No dripping, no smoke, no burns, no mess, no heat, no worries …

Fragrant Candlelight from Bridgewater

Bridgewater Candles

Scent creates the most enduring memories, and oh what a selection of scents we have – from Winter Berry, Sweet Pomegrante, Silent Night to Christmas Bliss, just to name a few. Bridgewater candles in this attractive jar not only enhance your decor but also give a clean burn every time. The NATURAL SOY BLEND is formulated for maximum fragrance and long burn times.

For every jar candle sold, Bridgewater donates money to feed one orphaned child for one day. Everyday.

Jars – $16.99 ea, 65-85 hr burn time
Votives – $2.50 ea, 15 hr burn time
Tealites – $9.99 pkg 12, 5-6 hr burn time

La Rochere Bee Glassware

Add some french country style to your table with famous La Rochere glassware. This glassware has been made in France’s oldest glass factory since 1475 and each piece is embossed with the Napoleonic bee symbol. Their solid base and thick glass is ideal for entertaining indoors and out. Why not start or add to your collection today?

Glasses, goblets, plates, bowls, carafes – $8.99 – $19.99 each

La Rochere Bee Glassware

Concord Candles ~ Made in Canada

According to candle lore, when bayberry candles are burned to the socket, they bring friends to the home and gold to the pocket. Unsurpassed Concord Candles will add a festive glow to your table setting. These solid colour, long-burning candles are available in all the seasonal colours and are made from the finest materials, best of all they’re made in Canada!
10″ Candles – $3.25 each, 5″ Punch Candles – $4.25 each

Concord Candles made in Canada