Flower Tip

A customer recently shared this tip – drop a single penny into the bottom of a vase, fill with water and your favourite fresh cut flowers. The flowers will stay fresh longer.

Eco-Friendly Tips for Home & Garden:

  • Keeping it Green!Soak old newspapers and lay them between the rows in your vegetable garden, topped with grass clippings or straw. The newspaper will hold moisture, keep weeds at bay, and will eventually decompose, improving your soil.
  • Instead of watering your plants with your garden hose, consider placing a water catcher under one of your eaves and collecting rain water for your gardening needs. (Your plants will be particularly happy if you live in a town or city where the municipal water supply is chlorinated).
  • Use cardboard egg cartons when you start your garden seeds.  Fill each cup with potting soil and plant your seeds.  When you’re ready to transplant, simply separate the cups and plant them completely into your garden.
  • Empty spice jars make great containers for storing small seeds. Simply shake when you are ready to sow your seeds.  Seeds won’t scatter and you will distribute evenly!
  • It’s been done for centuries, so if you can, why not continue the tradition?  Hang your clothes outside to dry. You save energy and the fresh air and sunshine are great for you.  If you have to use the dryer, avoid fabric softeners and instead throw a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer to reduce static cling.
  • Remove burnt on sediment from ovens and barbecues, naturally. Create a paste of baking soda and water, soak the surface overnight, and then scrub the sediment away the next day with a sturdy sponge.

From our Customers and Readers

  • Wrap banana peels around the base of rose bushes to keep bugs and fungus away! (Louise C)
  • Sprinkle coffee grinds into your sink to keep the drain from clogging! (Rosie K)
  • For sparkling silverware, place silverware in bottom of enamel container, sprinkle with baking soda, cover with boiling water, let sit and then dry clean! (Marlene D)
  • Use an uncovered crockpot filled with water as a room humidifier. (Brenda P)
  • To clean long, skinny vases, pour a spoonful of rice and hot soapy water into the vase, shake and swish. (Kim V)