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Notes to My Daughter Before You Go Book

Notes to My Daughter Before You Go

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Author Vesna Bailey

What would a mother say to her daughter as she prepares to leave her childhood behind?

Within these notes to her daughter Vesna's voice has struck an eloquent chord, resonating with a gentle instruction on all things important in life while lighting a fire within all readers to "carpe diem!" (seize the day!); to live with self-conviction, joy, exuberance, passion, a responsibility to attain one's potential, and to reflect in oneself the best of humanity ... and to live with a mission to find an uncommon happiness at every turn of the fantastic personal journey that awaits.

At the beginning, Vesna says, "...and without our daughters, a certain love story would never have been told." - and at the end she assures us this story is not over, she says, " are my rainbow to keep. My eyes will always be watching you, never will I lose sight of you."

Hardcover 8.5" W x 7" H